CPR Classes for the Omaha Metro Area
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Matt Lehmer - AHA Certified CPR Instructor
Matt Lehmer
AHA Certified CPR Instructor

Meet Your CPR Instructor

Matt Lehmer became an EMT in 2006 and an AHA certfied CPR Instructor in 2008. He has been a volunteer at Irvington Fire & Rescue since 2005, and also spent time working as an onsite EMT during construction at the Iowa Public Power Disctrict's power plant serving Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa.

How Vital Instruction Teaches CPR

We come to your Omaha area business or home to teach. Getting certified to perform CPR — while training in the place you're most likely to use it — will let you perform with greater confidence in an emergency.

You can custom tailor our CPR classes to meet your real-world response "scenarios".

Get trained "one-on-one" or schedule a group class. Learn about the CPR classes we offer.

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